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The Origins of Rosewell
Development Trust

Rosewell Development Trust was set up after it was considered essential by many members of the community to set up a Community Development Trust in order to secure the long term social, economic and environmental sustainability of the Rosewell community.
Shona Maguire of Social Enterprise Alliance Midlothian (SEAM) assisted Rosewell & District Community Council (RDCC) to focus on community integration within the village. In late 2010, community surveys were undertaken and residents were invited to an inaugural meeting on 14th October 2010.
During this time, RDT created a brand based on the canary, as our tribute to all the miners’ lives they saved. Canaries were once regularly used in coal mining as an early warning system. Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the mine would kill the bird before affecting the miners. As canaries tend to sing much of the time, they would stop singing prior to succumbing to the gas therefore alerting miners to danger.
RDT continued to grow and with the support of over 300 members and supported by 11, local Board members we developed a Constitution, created a Business Plan, registered with Companies House, registered as a Charity and held our first AGM in November 2011.
In April 2013, RDT successfully recruited two staff and set up office in Rosewell Resource Centre, 85 Carnethie Street.  Fiona, the Trust’s Volunteer Coordinator can be contacted between 10-4, Monday to Friday.



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Rosewell Development Trust Community Company Ltd is a company limited by guarantee - number SC408565 and is also a Registered Charity - SC042673